Crying on the Beach

It was exactly a year ago that my wife and I visited the Dominican Republic. I do enjoy our foreign holidays and as an English Town Crier, I take every opportunity to do my bit to foster good international relations, as you can see below.


On the boat trip, we struck up a friendship with a lovely couple from the Midlands. During the course of conversations we learned that this was a very day for them as it was their fifth wedding anniversary! Here is a photo of the happy couple with my wife, June.


“Oh, how wonderful…… congratulations”, we exclaimed as we guzzled our way through our third “Santo Libro” (I think that’s what they called it) – a most pleasant concoction of Caribbean Rum and Sprite. Highly drinkable,  I might add. June also insisted that I should “do a cry” for them to mark the occasion, explaining to them that I’m a Town Crier, who does a lot of these sorts of things.  Kim and Phil thought it was a wonderfully novel idea. Now how fortuitous is that – to have a Town Crier handy, on your beach, to announce your fifth wedding anniversary? By this time I was well into my fourth Rum and Sprite and had completely lost all inhibitions. anyway. Continue reading “Crying on the Beach”